First Day of School


I’m Chase Boren’s dad. Our family supports the district’s move to project-based learning, as we believe PBL informed by neurodiversity, the social model of disability, and the hacker ethos of flexible improvisation and rapid iteration is the future of education. I’m active in the #IamDSISD and #DSISDchat discussions, regularly chatting with DSISD educators. I discuss PBL and its intersections daily on Twitter. I hung out in #DSISDsummer over the break and read some great books. I’m currently reading Hacking Assessment.

We’re big fans of Bring Your Own Comfort, Bring Your Own Device, and student-created context and will gladly contribute furniture, lumber, tools, know-how, and labor toward transforming classrooms.

We do not support Leader in Me and consider it harmful. Rented, proprietary culture is bad culture, and culture is critically important to the success of PBL. As such, we do not give permission to use our child in The Leader in Me videos or any other materials featuring TLM’s name, marketing, or marks.

We believe that communication is oxygen and support the use of open, unfettered technology in classrooms, front offices, back offices, and all district operations. Developing an environment of communication and collaboration in an open by default culture is necessary to preparing students for a software-eaten world.

We attempt to be a project-based learning home that embraces obsessions. Peep our tinkerings and ten aquariums at our project blog and check out our maker space.

I write often about education and its intersections with my world as an autistic hacker at the following sites.


Ryan Boren

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