DSISD Commons #1: On passwords, interaction badges, differentiated instruction, recess, checklist manifesto, agile manifesto, cultural agility


Use a password manager, and never reuse passwords.


Interaction badges

Chapter 11 of NeuroTribes, In Autistic Space mentions interaction badges (also called color communication badges). These are used at autistic conferences and are becoming popular at tech conferences and company meetups.


Differentiated Instruction

Articles on differentiated instruction with a focus on neurodiversity, assistive tech, and structural ideology.



Recess is necessary. Provide students with Space, Trust, Time, and Loose Parts.


Checklist Manifesto

Checklists manage anxiety and provide cognitive net during journeys of cognitive control. We use checklists at home in the Checklist Manifesto style.


Agile Manifesto and Cultural Agility

Agile teams, distributed collaboration, and the hacker ethos of flexible improvisation and rapid iteration are important cultural literacy for project-based learning.

The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams.


DSISD Mentorship and the Future of Work




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