My Workflow Tools, Product Hunt

Many of the tools I use in my daily flow are listed in this Product Hunt collection. I have an array of testing devices, but my daily drivers are an iPhone 6+ (soon to be a 7+) and a 13” MacBook Pro. These tools are mainly in the Apple ecosystem, although several are multi-platform and web. Plain text and Markdown are the soul and foundation of my writing and coding centric workflow. They heavily influence my tool selection.

Attributes I look for in my workflow tools:

  • Plain text
  • Markdown
  • Data export
  • Syndication feeds
  • Workflow automation
  • Public APIs
  • Revisions
  • Keyboard accessibility
  • Laptop and mobile clients that sync
  • Dark mode
  • Flow

My data belongs to me and should be scriptable and portable.

Product Hunt is a Silicon Valley watercooler where you can discover cool new tools and ask makers and founders questions about their products and companies in a public forum. There is classroom applicability to be found in the steady flow of creativity and productivity tools on PH. See and use what the world is making right now.

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