DSISD Commons #2

A weekly-ish collection of topics discussed in the DSISD digital commons.

On ADHD Nation, the neurodivergent classroom experience, and thriving in curiosity-driven, self-directed environments

This was a nice little intersectional Twitter moment.

Kids who are “ADHD” in school may thrive in curiosity-driven, self-directed environments. And the more you back off the, better.


Add ADHD Nation to your neurodiversity library.

Inclusion is the new normal

Diversity is a fact of the modern world. Inclusion is the new normal.


Fear is not compatible


The Open Schoolhouse

Charlie Reisinger’s new book, The Open Schoolhouse, is out.

Free and open source software is everywhere. It powers the Internet, your phone, and billions of everyday gadgets. And the open source design philosophy promotes collaboration, sharing, and transparency to drive innovation.

That sounds marvelous for software developers, but do open source principles work in the classroom? Can schools build successful technology programs on open source software? When students are engaged co-creators and trusted apprentices, does a new school community emerge?

I answer these questions in my new book, The Open Schoolhouse. My team built robust and low-cost educational technology services on free and open platforms. We saved taxpayers more than a million dollars. However, the budget is only part of the story. As our schools embraced open source values, students became empowered to build an amazing learning community.

Source: The Open Schoolhouse – Building a technology program to transform learning and empower students

“Which side of the command line should our kids be on?”

Equity and Access: Making as Social Justice

Build a culture that enables cafeteria treehouses.


Growth Mindset and Structural Ideology


Lockdowns and SRP

What SRP does DSISD use?

The “I Love U Guys” SRP

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