Learn to Code

Computers are the new paper and ink, & programming is the new literacy.

Source: Get Ready for the Future

What is code?

“What is Code?” is a good primer on software and software culture



Lynda, Code School, and Treehouse

At my company, we have corporate Code School and Treehouse accounts. I personally haven’t used either, but we like them enough to maintain corporate accounts. A criticism I’ve seen a few times from coworkers new to coding is that Code School “makes too many assumptions on what the user already knows.” The quality of their screencasts is often praised. Experienced programmers like it for leveling up or acquiring a new skill, but some of those new to coding moved from Code School to Lynda.

Feedback on Treehouse is that its format is slower paced. Some liked that, some didn’t.



I’ve seen Lynda recommended by several coworkers new to coding. I’ve also heard complaints about it getting a little repetitive and boring.


Swift Playgrounds

If you have an iPad, Apple recently released Swift Playgrounds.


Thoughts on Swift Playgrounds and programming education on iOS from a Computer Science teacher:


Everyone Can Code and Interactive Textbooks

Apple also offers interactive textbooks:

Hacker Ethos

Get hip to the hacker ethos of flexible improvisation and collaboration.


Other resources

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