Refind Feedback

We’ve just crunched numbers and put you in our savers only segment: you save links but you rarely check your feed. Can you please answer us these questions (simply reply to this email):

Refind is part of my cognitive net. I use tags and topics extensively, so much so that I’m always looking for them a level higher in the hierarchy, up next to Your Links. My flow is definitely heavy on save, organize, and search. I search from Alfred workflows and appreciate software that provides urls for everything. With urls and APIs, workflow automation is easier. I’d love a programmatic way of getting my tags and topics so I can use them in Alfred script filters. I want fuzzy, incremental search for all the things. I like being able to populate lists in Alfred via REST, JSON, and scripting. Alfred provides a fuzzy, incremental search interface on top of the sites and services that are part of my cognitive net.

  1. What are your primary sources to discover great links?

Twitter. Almost all of my discovery is through Twitter. I follow a lot of people and hashtags. My other most used discovery resources are Refind and’s Reader (I work there). Refind is good for discovery, especially when I’m in a tech and design mood, but Twitter gets most of my discovery attention. Twitter is where the intersections meet and sources talk.

  1. How can we make Refind one of your primary sources?

Refind is a critical part of my cognitive net. It’s searchable memory. I want Refind to be a source for rediscovering what source #1, past me, was reading and researching. I need Refind when I’m interrogating memory for past reads that intersect with something I’m reading now. The quotes feature has been great for this. When I search my links, I get hits for quotes too. Now that I’ve been quoting for awhile, my best, most relevant search results are often found in quotes. I can then click through to see the other quotes I pulled for that link and reorient myself quickly. This makes the quotes feature and Refind very valuable to me.

Refind is a primary source for both discovery and rediscovery. Other rediscovery sources are notes in Ulysses, Airtable, Chrome history, clipboard history, and private links stored in Chrome Bookmarks. The Chrome Bookmarks links are organized into folders. I use script filters in Alfred to parse the Chrome’s bookmark json and serve it up into keyword activated lists based on the folders. Chrome and the Bookmarks extension provide the CRUD interface and Alfred scripts consume the json, allowing me to generate lists adapted to context and flow.

  1. Do you read our digest email?

Occasionally. I spend little time in email. We don’t use email as part of our communication flow at Automattic. My main use for email is archiving purchase receipts and invoices and completing email verification. Sometimes I must contact legacy institutions in government and education who still rely on email. I don’t really use email for discovery. I subscribe to a few newsletters, but I don’t enjoy the email experience so they usually get swept without being read.

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