DSISD Commons #3

Learn to Code


The Pipeline Problem and the Meritocracy Myth

Overcoming diversity and inclusion pipeline problems requires adopting structural ideology and restorative practices in education and work. Do more than blame pipelines, and don’t propagate the meritocracy myth.


Surviving Is Diversity Work

Burnout is a systemic issue in tech and education. Anxiety & impostor syndrome are nurtured in the treadmill of primary education & carry into the relentlessness of tech. Tilting at the thoughtlessness all around us is a full time job on top of all other duties. The flow patrollers, the diversity & inclusion unit testers, are tired.


Inclusion and Created Serendipity

Inclusive collaboration in the commons improves our heuristics and creates serendipity. Bricolage in the intersections.


Developing a voice amidst rubrics and continuous evaluation

Embrace obsession and iteration

Allow iteration without continuous evaluation.

Embracing obsession is critical to teaching neurodivergent kids.


See also the marshmallow challenge.

Gifted, talented, obedient, fearful

This aligns with my experience as a straight-A student.


Why do we need structural ideology and restorative practices? Watch 13th on Netflix.

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