DSISD Commons #4

Security Theater, Threshold Flow, and Inclusion

Fear ratcheting drives away contribution and collaboration. Security theater harms accessibility & inclusion. FUD makes for bad threshold flow.


The Segregation of Special

Segregation never works. Time now for inclusion. Disability is an engine for innovation. Design for real life, together.


Compassion is not coddling

Compassion is an essential tech skill that needs to be taught as an integral part of tech education.



The arts fuel industry. Restore them to education. Neurodiverse, multidisciplinary, self-organizing, agile teams are how companies are working now and how education should start working. Communicate, collaborate, iterate, launch.

Source: STEAM > STEM

Growth Mindset and Structural Ideology

Keep grit, bootstrap, and deficit ideology out growth mindset. Growth mindset without structural ideology, restorative practices, and inclusion can be more harmful than helpful. Do not use growth mindset to shift responsibility for change from our systems to children. The practice and implementation of growth mindset has been suborned by deficit and bootstrap ideology. Develop an authentic voice based on diversity & inclusion, neurodiversity & the social model of disability, and structural ideology instead of propagating the untempered language of the latest deficit/bootstrap fad. Inclusion and structural ideology are the way forward. Growth mindset as commonly implemented is just another bootstrap metaphor that excuses systems from changing and learning.


The perils of “Growth Mindset” education: Why we’re trying to fix our kids when we should be fixing the system – Salon.com

Illness isn’t a battle

Perspective on ableism and the social model.

When your child has a disability, you start out trying to “fix it” through intensive therapy. Over time, you push back. You learn that “fighting” is not a good model for living. Instead of making the child change to fit the world, you want the world to change to fit your child—to accept your child as a full human being.

Source: Illness Isn’t a Battle · thewalrus.ca

Promoting the social model

Every year and every season, my family does the work of promoting diversity, inclusion, and the social model over inspiration porn and the medical and deficit models to a new set of parents, teachers, coaches, doctors, therapists, and administrators as we flow through our systems.


Inclusive framing

Change our heuristics. Rules of thumb for human systems:

Framing Matters

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