DSES Website

At the bottom of the This Week at DSE emails from DSES is this footer.

This is a reminder that DSES needs a website. AFAICT, This Week at DSE is delivered only via email. This misses a lot of people. All of the This Week at DSE emails should be on a website so that school messaging is transparent and accessible. With these posts published to the web, they can be auto publicized to social media, consumed by feed readers, and digested and newslettered however the user sees fit. The district website offers some space to DSES, but the district website is inaccessible cronyware that doesn’t afford DSES a blog, usable syndication feeds, or many of the amenities of a modern content management system.

I happen to know a bunch of open source geeks who like to give software, hosting, and labor away to good causes. Let’s bring “communication is oxygen” to DSISD one site at a time, starting with DSES. With WordPress (disclaimer, I work on WP for a living), sites can get a free and easy start on wordpress.com and later migrate to a self-hosted environment should the district graduate into student IT running a multisite WordPress instance integrated with district systems. Open technology that offers syndication feeds, content export, public apis, and open source community will grow with your school and district as we iterate toward project-based learning and collaboration in the commons.

To build a project-based learning culture compatible with work, prioritize communication. Tool for communication, collaboration, iteration, and launch. Bring students, teachers, and tech workers together to do_action education.

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