Leader in Me, CHAMPS, and Education Tech Culture

Warning, incoming first impression perspective after today’s Leader in Me event at DSES:

I remain in loyal opposition to Leader in Me. I consider it toxic to creative cultures and incompatible with neurodiversity.

The tech culture on display at the LiM event was on the heartbreaking side.

We can build a better tech culture.


I’m still coming down from the overwhelm of being in sensory spaces engineered for obedience. CHAMPS classrooms are a creepy parade of compliance. I wouldn’t want to spend a moment subject to the rules and worldview written on the walls of a CHAMPS classroom.

CHAMPS and the Compliance Classroom

Leader in Me + Champs are not good culture. Reject them and start iterating toward a culture of projects, inclusion, collaboration, and iteration.

Project-based Learning and School Culture

Education, Neurodiversity, the Social Model of Disability, and Real Life


Books that influenced my views on education and project-based learning

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