Corporate Diversity and Inclusion

Demonstrating a grasp of intersectional systems thinking improves your corporate Diversity & Inclusion page. Next level D&I statements acknowledge/mention:

Our systems default to the deficit and medical models. They default to the language and mindset of grit, resilience, bootstraps, and tough love. We must flip this script and make inclusion, restorative practices, and structural ideology the new normal. Education is heavy on remediation and the deficit model. Kids are medicalized, marginalized, and segregated. Inclusive companies should counter these narratives in their D&I messaging. Promote the social model. Support restorative practices. Acknowledge structural inequalities. Recognize our duty to make education pipelines inclusive.

Universal design, universal design for learning, design thinking, design for real life, and neurodiversity are expressions of the social model. The social model is good design, good culture, and a good human rights framework. Let’s promote it by name.


Howdy! We are an international company with employees who come from a wide variety of backgrounds. We believe that the more perspectives we embrace, the better we are at engaging our global community of users and developers. We want to build Automattic as an environment where people love their work and show respect and empathy to those with whom we interact. Diversity typically includes, but is not limited to, differences in race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, political and religious affiliation, socioeconomic background, cultural background, geographic location, physical disabilities and abilities, relationship status, veteran status, and age. To work on diversity means that we welcome these differences, and strive to increase the visibility of traditionally underrepresented groups. We see inclusion as the ongoing, conscious effort to celebrate difference and welcome people of differing backgrounds and life experiences, whether they’re current or prospective employees, partners, or users of our software.

Source: Diversity and Inclusion — Automattic


We see diversity as everything that makes an employee who they are. We foster a diverse culture that’s inclusive of disability, religious belief, sexual orientation, and service to country. We want all employees to be comfortable bringing their entire selves to work every day. Because we believe our individual backgrounds, perspectives, and passions help us create the ideas that move all of us forward.

Source: Inclusion & Diversity – Apple

The most powerful technology in the world is technology that everyone, including people with disabilities, can use. To work, create, communicate, stay in shape, and be entertained. So we don’t design products for some people or even most people. We design them for every single person.

Source: Accessibility – Apple


At GitHub our goal is to help everyone build better software. To do that, we know we must create a company where anyone, regardless of what they look like or where they come from, can grow and thrive. When we deliberately seek different perspectives, life experiences, and identities, we can build better products for developers all around the world.

Source: Diversity and Inclusion at GitHub


Microsoft actively seeks to foster greater levels of diversity in our workforce and in our pipeline of future leaders. We are always looking for the best and brightest talent and pride ourselves on our individuality – inviting candidates to come as they are and do what they love. The common thread that attracts us to candidates is their passion for their work and the desire to make an impact in their careers, in the community, and on the world.

Source: The Business of Inclusion

Designing for inclusivity not only opens up our products and experiences to more people with a wider range of abilities. It also reflects how people really are. All humans are growing, changing, and adapting to the world around them every day. We want our designs to reflect that diversity.

Source: Inclusive – Microsoft Design

We design together as a family, across many disciplines. How well we work together determines how well our products work for customers.

People interact with our products in diverse ways. It’s our job to make sure their experience is both cohesive and inclusive, from the smallest details to the most expansive systems.

Source: Inclusive design toolkit – Microsoft Design


Creating a diverse and inclusive culture makes us a better company, fueling our innovation, enhancing our experience of work, and enabling us to succeed in a rapidly changing world. We see and value every individual for what they have to contribute. And we are committed not just to the principles underlying this philosophy, but the day-to-day practices that bring it to life.

Source: About SAP | Diversity & Inclusion


A diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone.

Source: Diversity – Google


At Facebook, we believe that understanding and managing unconscious bias can help us build stronger, more diverse and inclusive organizations.

These videos are designed to help us recognize our biases so we can reduce their negative effects in the workplace. Surfacing and countering unconscious bias is an essential step towards becoming the people and companies we want to be.

Source: Managing Bias | Facebook

Diversity is central to Facebook’s mission of creating a more open and connected world: it’s good for our products and for our business. Cognitive diversity, or diversity of thought, matters because we are building a platform that currently serves 1.4 billion people around the world. It’s vital for us to have a broad range of perspectives, including people of different genders, races, ages, sexual orientations, characteristics and points of view. Having a diverse workforce is not only the right thing to do – it’s the smart thing to do for our business.

Source: Driving Diversity at Facebook | Facebook Newsroom


People come to Twitter to freely express themselves, and we’ve seen this through individual Tweets and collective movements like #BlackLivesMatter, #ILookLikeAnEngineer, and #LoveWins. Just as inclusion lives on our platform, we’re striving to ensure Twitter is reflective of our users, and that our workplace and the decisions we make about it are equally inclusive. We want our different perspectives to flourish — they make us stronger and help make product decisions that will best serve our users around the world.

Our differences makes us stronger; inclusion makes them matter. That’s why building a strong culture is important to us — once you join the flock, we have many ways for you to get involved and bring your “whole self” to your role. Our employee groups foster supportive environments for employees of various backgrounds, and have also led the charge on incredible programming and initiatives, both internal and external.

Source: Inclusion & Diversity


At Salesforce, we believe diversity and inclusion at all levels is critical to our business. A diverse workforce gives us the unique perspectives we need to build the most innovative products and engage effectively with customers and partners.

Source: Diversity at Salesforce – Salesforce Diversity Numbers –


Pandora is committed to playing a role in creating a more equitable society in which our business, employees, and communities will thrive.

This means we seek to build and foster a diverse workforce that is a true reflection of music – empowering, inspiring, and unique – where all of our employees feel at home to perform their best and be themselves. In addition to amplifying a culture that celebrates our differences, Pandora Mixtape, PRIDE, and Women are three Communities at Pandora that provide more support, visibility, and empowerment to our underrepresented employees.

Source: Pandora | Careers


Diversity and inclusion fuel innovation, creativity, and growth, and keep us connected to our communities around the world. We seek to recruit a highly-talented workforce that includes individuals representing a wide range of ages, experiences, backgrounds, and ethnic groups. We foster a welcoming and respectful work environment where all of our Cast Members feel they are a valued part of the team.

Source: Workplace | Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

At Disney, we strive to include and attract individuals who reflect the diverse world in which we live. We also seek to ensure that our workplace is inclusive and provides the opportunity for all of our people to contribute and develop to their full potential. Having employees with a broad range of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives gives us an advantage in understanding and meeting the needs of our consumers, and this commitment serves to keep our focus on attracting, developing and retaining a diverse workforce at every level.

Source: The Walt Disney Company Recognized for Diversity Leadership – The Walt Disney Company


The Airbnb community is committed to building a world where people from every background feel welcome and respected, no matter how far they have traveled from home. This commitment rests on two foundational principles that apply both to Airbnb’s hosts and guests: inclusion and respect. Our shared commitment to these principles enables every member of our community to feel welcome on the Airbnb platform no matter who they are, where they come from, how they worship, or whom they love.

Source: Airbnb’s Nondiscrimination Policy: Our Commitment to Inclusion and Respect | Airbnb Help Center


Amazon has hundreds of millions of customers who can benefit from diversity of thought. We are a company of builders who bring varying backgrounds, ideas, and points of view to inventing on behalf of our customers. Our diverse perspectives come from many sources including gender, race, age, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, culture, education, as well as professional and life experience. We are working to develop leaders and shape future talent pools to help us meet the needs of our customers around the world.

Source: Diversity


We’ve discovered that the best way to deliver the highest value is by incorporating the diverse perspectives of a well-rounded team in terms of knowledge, skills, and cross-cultural understanding. An eclectic and egalitarian workforce helps IDEO realize our full potential by allowing us to better understand, relate, and respond to our clients and their customers around the world.

Source: Supplier Diversity |

New York Times

Great organizations thrive and grow on a diversity of thought and ideas. The Times’s statement of values calls for us to embrace diversity and inclusion. These factors require that we report on our diverse cities, nation and world, with perception and insight. Only by having a staff as wide as it is deep, broad in perspective, backgrounds and experiences are we able to capture the multitude of voices of America and the world, with true fidelity.

Source: Diversity | The New York Times Company


IBM thinks about diversity the way we think about innovation—both are essential to the success of our business. When we innovate, technology becomes smarter for clients and creates new opportunities for growth. When we incorporate diversity into our business, we create better innovations and outcomes. IBM has embraced diversity, and it gives opportunities for IBMers and our clients to achieve their full potential.

Historically, IBM has responded to the kinds of challenges we now face in parts of the world where women, for example, continue to struggle for a safe and harassment free work environment or society, where Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people lack legal recognition and feel unsafe, and where People with Disabilities lack equal access to employment opportunities due to non-existent accessibility standards or flat out discrimination.

Our willingness to take on issues of equity, fairness and equal opportunity in the United States or anywhere in the world have not only set us apart, but positively distinguished our company and made us a magnet for the smartest and most talented people in the world. More so, as IBMers, we have come to a realization that we are a company of “firsts”—a company that has led and not followed from its earliest days to the present.

Source: Diversity & Inclusion: Diversity of People. Diversity of thought. A smarter way to innovate every day.


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