Building Creative Culture

Howdy DSISD,

At Automattic, we’ve been iterating on creative culture for over a decade. Our culture is built by and for creatives. We have low turnover and rate well among freelance creatives.

The Top Companies WNW Creatives Would Kill to Work for Full-Time — Free Range

I’d like to share a peek at that culture, particularly…

How we communicate

How we hire

How we organize

How we include

And how we flow

If you’d like to see behind the scenes of any of this, I’m around for casual laptop tours of our systems and flow. Teachers and tech workers should hang out, share, and collaborate. I’ve been working in distributed, self-organizing teams of multi-discipline STEAM creatives for a couple decades and am happy to share perspective and knowledge. Culture is vitally important.

Communicate, collaborate, iterate, launch.

The business world is changing. It seems I’m riding the wave. High.


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