DSISD Growth Mindset

DSISD growth mindset messaging sounds much like the same old deficit, grit, bootstrap narrative. It seems unaware of the last couple years of growth mindset, structural ideology, and restorative practices discussion. The Twitter messaging is the same word image amplification seen at other districts coming late to the growth mindset fad. Those coming late don’t seem to have picked up the lessons of the early adopters. Carol Dweck explains some of those lessons in her Revisit. I see some of the problems she mentions in the DSES messaging.

Here’s my primer on structural ideology. It’s where we’re going with the Design for Real Life and Universal Design efforts. Structural problems must be acknowledged in order to design for and educate humanity in its diversity. We’re bringing the social model into design, work, and our real lives. Progressive educators championing universal design for learning, inclusion, restorative practices, and 1:1 tech are doing the same for education.

Neurodiversity is the social model for minds. Let’s unite behind neurodiversity and the social model of disability. Let’s acknowledge our unique operating systems, our unique bodies, and our unique abilities. From compliance culture and the deficit model we must escape. We can do so through continuous learning and iteration. Seek perspective in the intersections.

Free, life-changing, and available to everyone. Everyone. That is the promise of public education. Design education for real life.

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