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Hello DSISD special education,

I’m an autistic hacker and writer. My neurodivergent kids are in DSISD. You may have seen me on Twitter talking about the social model in the #IamDSISD hashtag. Today I did a big update on my neurodiversity and social model primer. If you’ve seen it before, check it out again.

Education, Neurodiversity, the Social Model of Disability, and Real Life

Education is dominated by the deficit and medical models. There is little vision beyond them. The swelling neurodiversity and disability movements are changing our framing from the deficit and medical models to that of inclusion and the social model. There is a new narrative on cognition and ability, one that needs to be heard and understood in DSISD. Inclusion is the new normalInclusion is the way to our boldly better future. Diversity is a fact of the modern world.

We can better understand students and check our ableism by connecting with neurodivergent communities online. Get on Twitter. Twitter is where the perspectives and intersections are. Disability and neurodiversity are the most intersectional identities. Special education teachers must be in the digital commons improving their heuristics and getting in touch with the modern neurodiversity and disability movements. Seek, for example, the #ActuallyAutistic perspective. These self advocates are the real experts on autism.

There are five books I wish every educator, therapist, doctor, and coach with relationships with my kids would read. Autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia are amongst the diverse operating systems in our family. Also in our family are scientists, mathematicians, engineers, writers, business developers, and technologists. Our neurodivergence is an asset, if we can endure our ableist systems and culture of compliance.

That’s a tall order of reading, of course, which is why I made the primer. Read the primer, follow its many links, and check out which books of these you can.

I write often on education, neurodiversity, and disability. Here are some of my recent pieces.

I also post weekly-ish updates on topics I’ve discussed in the DSISD commons and in chats with DSISD educators and parents.


Ryan Boren

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