WordCamp and Education

WordCamp US is happening right now. This is one of the main events for the WordPress community, where we do the State of the Word address. Check out how a worldwide community of creatives comes together.



WordCamps are chock full of professional development and inspiration for project-based learning.


We livestream it for free.


After the event, all videos and slides go up on WordPress.tv.


This is a trove of learning, all for free. When we work and share in the open, we change life scripts.

The State of the Word for 2016 is coming up later today.


@charlie3 and @camworld, educators bringing open to schools, are both at WCUS. @camworld is speaking on WordPress for Schools.

I mention @camworld and the Newark school district here.


And, I mention @charlie3 and Penn Manor here.



Presentations of interest to education

I’ll update this as slides and videos are uploaded.

BuddyPress as the Foundation for Training, Distance Learning and Support for Business and Government

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