DSISD Commons #8

In this one, Dyslexia and shame Open Education Pedagogy Compliance culture and school to prison The False Promise of Education Special Education in Texas These kids were bursting to tell someone Created serendipity Average social sensitivity and psychological safety in teams Eye contact and neurodiversity Connected Students and Explicit Instruction Critical thinking Coding, Education, and … Continue reading DSISD Commons #8

DSISD Commons #7

In this one… Inclusive, connected cultures Segregation, isolation, and compliance Consent in ed. Hyperactivity and postponing kindergarten Structural ideology, systems thinking, and the three tier caste system Progressive, connected education Neurodiversity inclusion and class size The Open Schoolhouse Typing > handwriting, plain text editors Open by default Respectful parenting Diversity and inclusion resources Inclusive, connected … Continue reading DSISD Commons #7

DSISD Commons #6

On #DSISDChat, assessment, Twitter in education, IT acquisition, building creative culture, The Open Schoolhouse, Hacking Homework, social media flow, feedback loops,  Leader in Me, CHAMPS, education tech culture, inadvertent cruelty, school UX, threshold flow, welcoming contributors, private Facebook groups, inclusive participation, and corporate diversity and inclusion. #DSISDChat on Assessment From the #DSISDChat conversation on assessment. … Continue reading DSISD Commons #6

DSISD Commons #5

DSES Website Project-based learning: Launch a DSES website and a communication is oxygen culture. #IamDSISD https://t.co/5AUJJZt4mX — Ryan Boren (@rboren) October 25, 2016 To build a project-based learning culture compatible with work, prioritize communication. Tool for communication, collaboration, iteration, and launch. Bring students, teachers, and tech workers together to do_action education. Source: DSES Website Creative … Continue reading DSISD Commons #5

DSISD Commons #4

Security Theater, Threshold Flow, and Inclusion Fear ratcheting drives away contribution and collaboration. Security theater harms accessibility & inclusion. FUD makes for bad threshold flow. https://hypubnemata.me/2016/10/17/security-theater-threshold-flow-and-inclusion/ The Segregation of Special The Segregation of Special #IamDSISD https://t.co/BQhQQDpvi7 — Ryan Boren (@rboren) October 18, 2016 Segregation never works. Time now for inclusion. Disability is an engine for … Continue reading DSISD Commons #4

DSISD Commons #3

Learn to Code https://hypubnemata.me/2016/10/10/learn-to-code/ The Pipeline Problem and the Meritocracy Myth Overcoming diversity and inclusion pipeline problems requires adopting structural ideology and restorative practices in education and work. Do more than blame pipelines, and don’t propagate the meritocracy myth. https://hypubnemata.me/2016/10/10/the-pipeline-problem-and-the-meritocracy-myth/ Surviving Is Diversity Work Burnout is a systemic issue in tech and education. Anxiety & impostor … Continue reading DSISD Commons #3

DSISD Commons #2

A weekly-ish collection of topics discussed in the DSISD digital commons. On ADHD Nation, the neurodivergent classroom experience, and thriving in curiosity-driven, self-directed environments This was a nice little intersectional Twitter moment. Kids who are “ADHD” in school may thrive in curiosity-driven, self-directed environments. And the more you back off the, better. Self-directed curiosity – … Continue reading DSISD Commons #2

DSISD Commons #1: On passwords, interaction badges, differentiated instruction, recess, checklist manifesto, agile manifesto, cultural agility

Passwords Use a password manager, and never reuse passwords. https://ryan.boren.me/2016/09/16/privacy-and-passwords/ Interaction badges Chapter 11 of NeuroTribes, In Autistic Space mentions interaction badges (also called color communication badges). These are used at autistic conferences and are becoming popular at tech conferences and company meetups. https://refind.com/rboren/topics/interaction-badges Differentiated Instruction Articles on differentiated instruction with a focus on neurodiversity, … Continue reading DSISD Commons #1: On passwords, interaction badges, differentiated instruction, recess, checklist manifesto, agile manifesto, cultural agility

D&I Water Cooler

Recent diversity and inclusion discussions from the water coolers I lurk about. TED Talks What Does My Headscarf Mean to You? TED talk by Yassmin Abdel Magied Islamophobia Killed My Brother. Let’s End the Hate. TED talk by Suzanne Barakat How to overcome our biases? Walk boldly toward them TED talk by Verna Meyers Books Moving Diversity Forward: … Continue reading D&I Water Cooler